About Us

Pastor Bill Stehr
Pastor Bill Stehr

Thanks for visiting our website. New Life Lutheran Church is, quite simply, a great place to be. No Kidding.

We have fantastic people. I’ve been around a few churches in my life and none have greater people than we have at New Life. Our people are kind, committed, compassionate, and easy to be around. We like to laugh and we do not take ourselves too seriously. When you have a need, we will come around you and support you in ways that will make you feel valued and even humbled.

You don’t have to have it all figured out at New Life Church. In fact, you don’t have to know much at all. It’s true. I’m no intellectual type. I had professors in college and seminary who were scholars and they blew me away. I have great respect for them, but I am not one of them. At New Life we deal with things each day as they come. We look for God in our daily lives and we read the Bible in an effort to see Jesus and how he would guide us. Sometimes answers are easy to find but other times they are not. Together in faith however, we go forward knowing that God goes with us.

Mostly what we are at New Life church are people who know that we are loved by God, and who love and support each other. We seek to grow in faith and to learn how we can be all that God would have us be. We care for each other and have fun doing it. If you have never visited us before, come take a look. Try us on. We’re easy. Maybe we are your kind of church folks. Just like you.

I’m excited that you have come to our website. Click around the different links and see if New Life Lutheran Church can help you to “Get a Life.”